Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hey folks. Sorry for the flippy-flopping, but I've officially moved my blog over to a new domain. You can now find me at (the "the" has been taken out of the title). This blog will redirect there, but start following me at my new site if you like. Hope you'll join me!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

NOT so Hotlanta - Photo Montage Part 2

If you missed the first installment of my Atlanta recap, you can find it here.

On Saturday, IT SNOWED. Yes, it snowed in Atlanta. Not cool, Robert Frost! Despite the chilly weather, the Fella and I decided to visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It actually wasn't that cold outside. Well, compared to Kansas City it wasn't.

I would have loved to see the garden in full bloom, but it was lovely in its winter garb too. Here are the photos I got to take:

Baby orchid!


These guys were so entertaining.

This was a clear frog. You are looking at its organs.

It was like pulling teeth getting him to sit still for this...

...But he had no trouble sitting and chatting with this guy.