Friday, August 26, 2011

Drilling in Cemeteries?

I came across an interesting article in my inbox this morning on Enviroblog.

Drilling in cemeteries now? Very odd. Natural gas collection is certainly not my expertise, but I have to imagine that drilling for natural gas is a highly invasive process. How can they expect to extract the natural gas without disturbing all of the graves in these cemeteries?

Very interesting...

I'm simply trying out a subscription to this blog right now. I've started following quite a few non-profit-related blogs to get a feel for them and to start finding more to talk about. To be honest, I think Enviroblog is a bit too severe for my taste. I'm all for people voicing their opinions, but when they do so on a soap box, shouting down and insulting those who will listen, I don't they're going to have followers for very long. I just caught a twinge of severity in their latest post, and a slight nod to a "me vs. The Man" mentality. Would you agree?

Question: How would you feel if an oil company was drilling in a cemetery where your family members are buried?


  1. I would be pretty concerned about that... It seems to me that they would have to relocate graves (ewww). And I haven't followed any enviroblogs (you'd think i would) but I can definitely see them being like that.

  2. Agreed. Sounds like a messy business!

    My feelings towards Enviroblog's tone probably stemmed from the fact that I had "Fast Food Nation" on the brain this morning as I read that blog post. I remember that when I read that book sophomore year I was somewhat turned off to the points they were trying to get across (most of which I think are valid) simply because of the way the author chose to present them to their readers.


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