Thursday, March 29, 2012

SPRING Into Action - WWI Museum

Saluations, all.

Today, we're going to...


... for the first time!

As you may have noticed, Kansas City's weather has been unseasonably warm this spring. The other day at work, I was looking at my timeline of things that needed to be accomplished in May and I started freaking out thinking that it was May and that I was very behind on the campaign timeline. Turns out it's actually March. The already-flowering Bradford Pear tree outside of my balcony indicates otherwise, but it is indeed March.

With this delightfully warm weather I find myself inclined to doze in the sun and seek out vast expanses of green grass to play on. What better place to do this than the World War I Museum located near Union Station?

The grounds are vast and well-kept.
 Just look at all that grass to play on!

You may recognize this photo as a backdrop from every KC wedding photo album EVER.

There are way cool sphinx-like things that protect the actual memorial.

 Beginning April 5, the museum will feature a new exhibition entitled World War I All-Stars: Sports & the Inter-Allied Games. I don't know about you, but that sounds entirely interesting. My grandfather would have been sent overseas to fight (not in WWI or WWII), but he got to stay back because his softball team was headed for Regionals later that week. How awesome is that? I think it says a lot about the importance cultures place on sports and athleticism when they take precedence over war.
A few fun facts about the Museum:
  • The French-made Renault FT-17 tank was recently showcased (along with the KC skyline) in an episode of Mysteries at the Museum ("Volumn 12"). Yes, I frequently watch and enjoy that show. Forensic research found that the tank witnessed the final battle of the war, making it one of the most important (and expensive) surviving tanks in history. According to an employee at the museum, this is a must-see attraction and most visitor's favorites. She was kind enough to even send me a press release about the tank.
  • The museum was designed by the same fellow who designed the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.
  • The museum itself is located under the memorial.
  • The memorial was completed in 1926.
  • The memorial's eternal flame was almost extinguished in 2009 due to the city's budget cuts. Save the Flame was developed to keep the fire burning. It costs the non-profit museum roughly $68,000 per year to keep the flame alight.
  • The design of the building is "classic Egyptian revival." That's as patriotic is it gets, people.
  • For the majority of history since WWI, this memorial was the only memorial commemorating The Great War in the United States. It's the only museum of the subject in the US.
  • The field of poppies that mark the entrance into the museum is wicked awesome.
So come on down the the World War I Museum! Tickets are only $12 for adults, and that gets you up in the tower as well!

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  1. I love going up there! Remember when we went last summer? So windy though... haha.


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