Monday, April 2, 2012


What a great Monday to be a Jayhawk, yeah?

This past Saturday, I drove over to Lawrence to watch KU play in the Semifinals. I watched the game at Allen Field House. Impressive crowd, if I do say so myself. I can't recall if the crowd was comparably loud to a real basketball game there because I was screaming so loudly myself, but I think we held our own. Notice the thin barriers and elderly ushers "guarding" the court. Don't worry, they weren't hurt when the minors and youngsters inexplicably stormed the court.

This was the one time in the Field House when it was beneficial to sit high up in the stands to get a better view of the screens. It was like a quidditch match!

After a nail-biting victory, we ran what felt like a mile to Mass Street to join in the riot-like festivities. It was like stepping onto a movie set, in a different world. Everything you ever thought you'd hear, see or smell, I experienced on Mass Street in the course of 3 hours. Just crazy.

AND, in the midst of all of those thousands of people, I somehow ran into my brother!

 What are the odds?

At least we got away unscathed! Can't say that was the case for everyone... or everyone's car. (But seriously, who the heck parks on Mass Street after a crazy game?)

Tonight I will be returning to Mass Street to cheer as loudly and annoyingly as possible. I feel that this will help the Jayhawks win all the way in New Orleans. They'll hear me cheering, I know it. And my 2008 National Champions shirt that I haven't washed since they played in Omaha is bound to be dripping with luck (and spilled beer) by this time. It's a bit gamey having worn it to 3 games, but I can't wash it NOW.

Let's here it for the boys!


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  1. Haha that's pretty amazing you all randomly ran into each other! And I love the quidditch comparison. Have fun tonight!


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