Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Roller Coaster Running

Sometimes I feel like my runs look a lot like this:

But they're not fun like this:

(I do want to ban BO, for the record.)

What I mean is, I'm lacking pace consistency right now, and that can be tiresome/painful/stressful. For example, here's a recap from last week's runs:

As you can see, my splits are all over the place for my 3 runs last week. And yesterday I ran 3.5 miles with a 7:30 split. I don't know whether to be impressed or concerned. Really, I think it's too early in the training to tell what my pace will be pan out to be. I need to collect more data... make some charts... SCIENCE!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

In other news, I bought new shoes this weekend! I try to change mine out every year. If I ever get to full marathon status, I'll obviously switch them sooner. 

I ran with them for the first time last night. It was like running on a couple of Tempra Pedic mattresses. Like running on a cool breeze of air. Like running on supportive clouds. Like running on fall-asleep-right-away pillows. Like running on clouds on pillows on air. (Perhaps they're the magic behind that 7:30 split??) 

I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!


  1. okay 1) I was laughing hysterically at the running from Allen fieldhouse to mass street workout. 2) you are SUPER FAST! kudos! I recommend just trying out smart coach on runners world and you put in your most recent race time and then it tells you what pace you should be running your long runs and speed runs at. However, don't be like me and think that you should slow down if you're already going faster than the time they give you... that's how I lost my speed. But it's interesting to see what they have to say.
    Also, let me know if you want to do a guest post on my blog, it's a great way to get new readers!

  2. Yayyyy for new running shoes!!! :) Are those Aasics?? Love the blog, buddy!


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